Pastor, Leaders & Staff

  • Pastor Rick Alpers, Interim Pastor
    Pastor Rick has over 30 years of ordained experience with a Doctorate of Ministry degree from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. Pastor Rick is a specialist in interim ministries with over 30 different interim assignments. Pastor Rick is excited about serving LCGS. Pastor Rick’s email is
  • Maria Ramirez, Administrative Assistant
    Maria serves as the hub of LCGS daily operations.  You will find her smiling face in the church office from 1:00pm-5:00pm Monday-Friday.  Maria coordinates our facility rentals, prepares our newsletter and bulletins, and serves as the friendly voice you’ll hear or see when you call or stop by the church.  Maria’s professional background includes many years of office experience, including handling confidential data, assisting with financial matters, tracking and ordering supplies, and greeting clients and guests.  Maria can be reached at 831-424-5643 or by email at
  • Cameron Harrison, Band Accompanist
    Cameron’s professional background includes over ten years of experience teaching and tutoring in music.  He has taught at Cabrillo College, teaching composition and music fundamentals, and has much experience with performing music.  Cameron is currently a Ph D student in Musicology at University of California Santa Cruz and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music with an emphasis on piano and percussion as well as an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences.  Cameron is a true delight and gift to the LCGS community.  He can be reached by leaving a message in the church office at 831-424-5643 or by email.
  • Traci Derrington and Katherine Derrington, Custodian and Hospitality Coordinator
    Traci and her daughter, Katherine, have been members of Good Shepherd for several years.  As Custodians, they work hard behind the scenes to prepare furniture and rooms for events. They can often be found working in the background, preparing our sanctuary and facility for seasonal events.  Traci also supervises our facility rentals, coordinating set up with renters and being present during rental events. Traci can be reached by calling the church office at 831-424-5643.
  • Elaine Ketterling, Kitchen Supervisor
    Elaine is dedicated to running our kitchen facility with grace and finesse.  She works with our renters to ensure that necessary items are available and assists our Event Supervisor during rental events.  Elaine keeps our supplies stocked so the little (but important!) items such as napkins, creamer, and dishes are clean and available. Elaine can be reached by leaving a message in the church office at 831-424-5643 or by email at
  • Church Council
    Our Church Council is made up of a group of dedicated lay leaders and the pastor. Nine members are elected by the congregation and serve alongside our pastor, Treasurer, and Women of the ELCA President. Our Council meets monthly, usually on the 3rd Monday of the month.  Our goal is to empower the Ministry Teams in their work and to serve as the congregation’s Board of Directors. To reach the church council, please send an email to – our Administrative Assistant will forward your note. The following people serve on the LCGS Council:


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Pastor Rick Alpers

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